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Instagram: @cynthia38472749

LinkedIn: Cynthia Thomas

CosmicStreamz: Cynthia Thomas! How you doing? 

Cynthia Thomas: Fine, Great. (smiling)

CosmicStreamz: Great being here today. Today we are at the art gallery with none other, Cynthia Thomas. Sitting down with her today for another cosmic exclusive interview. She's doing some outstandingly positive things and I'm thankful to be here. 

Cynthia Thomas: Thank you.

CosmicStreamz: So tell the world what is that you do.

Cynthia Thomas: I am a visual artist, and I do mixed media art. I paint, sculpture, sketch. We do so many things here at the gallery. It's free and open to the public. 

CosmicStreamz: Care to give the people the name & location?

Cynthia Thomas: Sure, The Resolution 522 South independence blvd ste 101 Virginia beach VA. 23452

CosmicStreamz: Okay, great. How did you get into art? I see you have a lot of art in this place. Definitely nice.

Cynthia Thomas: When I was little. I've always liked creativity and expression and to me, that's what art means. So visually, I also sing and I dance. I love art because it's something that I can create and it's there. I get to hang it up and look at it.

CosmicStreamz: Inspiring. How long have you been at this particular location in Virginia Beach? 

Cynthia Thomas: This location is new. I was looking for a place that I could be in a prime area. We been here maybe two months.

CosmicStreamz: It looks great in here. Definitely an exclusive place here. When will the gallery be open? 

Cynthia Thomas: It's currently open and operating. 

CosmicStreamz: Any inspirations you care to speak on.

Cynthia Thomas: So many things, it's stuff that I hear, stuff that I feel, and stuff that is going on around me. I have dreams about my art, and they come to life. I will keep on dreaming about them until I produce them. So I have to ask God how to do it sometimes, because some of the stuff that I do I don't even know how to do it. I just can see it, but I don't know how to do it sometimes. 

CosmicStreamz: Powerful. Wow! Anything else you really want to tell the people about yourself and about your network? And what it is that you're trying to do? 

Cynthia Thomas: I am so happy that I have opportunity to do to do this interview today. I wanted to talk to the people, especially the artists about monetizing their gifts. They can really earn money from their gift. I wanted to talk to them about balance. Alot of young people have art pieces out there, and how pricing is important. Also, the proper structure of a legitimate business. 

CosmicStreamz: Monetization is a very important word.

Cythia Thomas: There are grants out there for them. They could apply for PPP loans. They could apply for EIDL. I want to talk to them about actually acquiring money, and how to set up at festivals and venues. There are people out here that that's what they do for their living, and they earn money doing what they love. You got to be smart about it. You want to work smarter not harder. 

CosmicStreamz: And future plans if any?

Cynthia Thomas: Yes, I have some nice classes. I have a blacklight class, styrofoam sculpting class, 2D and 3D class that is coming up. I'm going to have that posting on my website.

The other thing I wanted to talk about was my tax preparation business because I'm a certified acceptance agent. I wanted them to legally be structured properly. I wanted them to be organized. The reason that we missed out on PPP a lot of times is because we did not have our things properly organized. It doesn't cost a lot of money to do it. It's not hard to do it, it's not too late. 

CosmicStreamz: Definitely. I will be sharing your links for your art gallery, and also for your tax Workshop.Thank you. I definitely appreciate this. 

CynthiaThomas: Of course, you are welcome. Same to you

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Great interview thank you
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