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Dr. Karaam: songwriter, performer, book writer, publisher, editor, & educator for the Curriculum For the Indigenous,anindigenous minister at the Temple of Human Spirituality, founder of Kalu Kafe...Chief, Tribe of Kalu La Tama. Also, author of 39 books. Link:

CosmicStreamz: What a journey. What's the beginning? Wow, respectfully.

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Dr. Karaam: I am the son of these two beings
( mother & father) who went through various schools, the Nation of Islam, the Moor Science Temple, the Black Panther Party, and the Marcus Garvey movements.So all of this was what groomed me.

CosmicStreamz: Powerful.

Dr. Karaam: I started an educational program, that's when my first son was born in 1996. I didn't want my children to speak English as a first language. That's probably one of the first absolutes that I have really held onto in my life.

CosmicStreamz: Things we live by become extremely important. Name a few earlier schools of thought?

Dr. Karaam: Islamic, Christianity, Judaism, Egyptology,Sumerian schools of thought, and on into higher levels of spirituality. So now, at this particular point, I dwell in the realm of quantum science or quantum reality. This basically shows that we are connected to everything. That's the base principle of the Temple of Human Spirituality, which we established in 2011. I wrote my first book in 2000. The majority of books I wrote were inspirational or books for children. Eventually, I got into the educational aspect of things.

CosmicStreamz: How did that end up manifesting?

Dr. Karaam: I worked at public schools,homeschooling. I've homeschooled all seven of my children, but I also lectured at colleges and different things. And I just noticed in the whole Western educational structure what was missing. What was missing was that we had the information, we had access to the information, we had done a lot to get access to the information, but we didn't have a vehicle that carried that information to a destination. I work on building a curriculum so no matter where it comes from, at the end of the day, our children will head in a direction that benefits us. We haven't done work that genetically benefits us.



We talk about stocks, bonds and investments etc. but all of that is within their realm. So even if we leave it to our children, if we don't leave any other instructions they're going to take that and give it right back. After two or three generations we will be right back in the same situation.


Dr. Karaam: If you want trace your ancestry, go back to your mother and father. Where was your mother born? Where was your father born? Where were their ( mother & father) parents born and you keep going back. You'll find all of these different lands everyone in different areas. If you find the names of those tribes that were in that area, that's the tribe that you came from. Start by asking your family. How far back can we go? How many of your ancestors can you name? From there you can go into the Library of Congress and research the information. That's in Washington DC. You can pull up and get as much information as you like and print it.

CosmicStreamz: Let's build on human spirituality. It all ties in and coincide with CosmicStreamz. The concept is astrological. What is the Temple of Human Spirituality?

Dr. Karaam: The basic premise was humanity is sick and is seeking to heal itself. The Earth is seeking to heal herself. What helps facilitate that is if spaces are created that can assist in the healing of humanity. Basic spirituality is just acknowledging your connection with yourself and with those around you, with nature and the universe. The first spirituality was in nature and your connection to your mother. That was the first great ceremony. That was your first great spiritual ceremony.

CosmicStreamz: Where are the conscious minds heading? Digression or completion?

Dr. Karaam: Well we are moving into this higher cycle. So we moved into the fifth dimension and it's only continuing. There is a connection that has to take place where we are introduced to a galactic community. So there is an elevation of vibration. Not everybody is going to make that elevation.


Dr. Karaam: Vibrationally, they won't be able to keep up the society that we live in. It's based upon the control of our ability to tap into our higher sciences, our higher ethos,and higher spirituality. They have to keep a ceiling on that. The moment we begin to tap in, then the stuff that they're doing won't exist anymore.

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