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A career as a certified trichologist-someone who specializes in hair and scalp disorders and as well as a Naturopathic Doctor-a specialist who diagnose, prevent, and treatacuteand chronic illness to restore and establish optimal health bysupporting the person's inherent self-healing process was not what Dr. Prenik envisioned whenshe began her career as a nail technician.  Yet Dr. Prenik sawhow she could use her God-given talents to help men & women with damaged hair.  Now as owner of Fruit if the Spirit Hair Care Studio & Clinic, she treats hair loss, baldness, itching, dryness, and other problems related to the scalp.

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“At a very young age my mother emphasized the importance of healthy hair,” says Dr. Prenik, who is certified in thirty-five different hair weaving, extension, and replacement techniques.

Experts agree that many hair problems are related to diet.  “Ninety percent of patients who come to a Trichologist are nutritionally deficient, “says Dr. Prenik, who uses a natural health approach with her clients.  “I developed The Healthy Hair Challenge(TM) that nourishes and replenishes hair, she explains.  “Proper diet and supplements lead to a healthy person, and a healthy person will have healthy hair and scalp.”

A hair analysis test is often recommended and will provide insight into a client’s nutritional deficiencies.  “When the hair sheds excessively, it indicates that something is out of balance, says Dr. Prenik.  “A hair analysis can be an invaluable tool to diagnose deficiencies.”

Fruit of the Spirit Hair Studio also specializes in all phases of natural, chemical-free hair.  “ I truly want to keep the cosmetology world totally chemical free,” says Dr. Prenik. 

Do you need the services of a trichologist? If you have premature thinning, balding, or scalp disorders and/or answer yes to any of the following questions, you should consult a trichologist.

• Do receding hairlines, thinning or balding exist on your mother’s or father’s side of the family?

• Do you suffer from acne or have oily skin or scalp?

• Do you have a thyroid imbalance?

• For females, do you have facial hair?

• For males, do you have excessive body hair?

• Do you crave sugar constantly?

• Have you gained or lost more than 15 pounds recently?

• For females, are you menopausal?

• Have you experienced excessive emotional stress?

• Have you been diagnosed as anemic?

• Do you have a high fat intake?

• Are you presently, or have been, on a weight-loss diet?

• Do you suffer from digestive disorders?

• Do you experience frequent illness?

• Do you frequently use antibiotics or medications?

• Do you have poor blood circulation?

• Is your scalp flaky, crusty, inflamed, or itchy?

• Has your scalp been injured?

• Have you been diagnosed with a scalp fungus?

• Have you been experiencing excessive hair shedding?

Remember, early detection and early treatment is the best defense for anyone with hair or scalp disorder. By combining expertise in hair and scalp conditions with a philosophy of natural health, Dr. Prenik and her staff can help you have the hair you’ve always wanted.

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