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CosmicStreamz: What it is! Live and direct CosmicStreamz! Here with Jason "Phatz" Kirkman and his new book "OFFSTAGE The Culture Of Hip-Hop Before The Elements". 
Phatz: Thanks for having me. Just get free!
CosmicStreamz: Most definitely man. You visited the shop today because I asked you to bring your book. We just decided to just do the interview on some organic vibing session.
Phatz: On some hip-hop vibes! You know, that's how it was. I just want to give a shout-out to you brother. You a black business owner. We are here looking out for each other right now.This is how it's supposed to be done. We sitting here in a black business establishment supporting each other.  
CosmicStreamz: Word! I appreciate that. So what's going on with the book bro? The name and concept is dope.
Phatz: The book's thesis is based on the self-sufficient aspect of hip-hop. I actually was blessed with the opportunity to do an event with Professor Griff. I had to pick him up from the airport in Norfolk in 757. He (Professor Griff) gave me the title. He was like just promise me you'll finish it. I was like no doubt. That's universal law. Actually bringing Professor Griff of Public Enemy meant everything to me.
CosmicStreamz: Give the audience a glimpse of what's on these pages. What the book is, What's it about? 
Phatz: The definition of culture. Culture is the people's beliefs, arts, social behavior patterns, so the elements represent the Arts. How should hip-hop look in society? Should entertainment be the only thing we give the world? I think Hip-hop has a whole lot more to offer the world. This book gives you insight on what hip-hop is doing for it's community, before we started break dancing and beat breaking. 
CosmicStreamz: How do you feel about hip hop on a universal level?
Phatz: That's actually why this book exist. Romanticizing of the true story of hip-hop. That is what sparked me to write the book. People need to realize that we are the original people period. Some people have a problem with people taking our culture. We cannot be mad at people for influencing them to do things...China, Russia, Luxembourg or London, etc. 
Some really not expressing the culture fully though. Sometimes these other races and other nationalities will come into our culture and try to tell us what it is….like it's about hit record sale and that ain't really what the culture means at all. That's kind of our fault for not necessarily setting that protocol. 
Vlad...Peter Rosenberg complain about Jay Electronica...It's like yo bro...How can these people speak on the culture.
CosmicStreamz: What you see in the future for for yourself?
Phatz: Trust records, music publishing company...For the record before I actually became an author I was an MC & Bboy. I've been doing it since I was nine. Been rhyming for 27 years. Shout out to DJ B Fresh Radio, man. I'm writing a revised version of this book because I found out more information, so you can look for more books. My book is a textbook with the syllabus that's written with it. So you can look for me to be in your educational systems in the future or creating an alternative educational system for our people. 
Big shout out to my wife who edited and did the graphics of the book, that's very big.

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