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Present Chapter... Jaime Renee Cruz, Founder, 420Rx

Jaime Renee Cruz has 25 years of experience in the medical field, beginning in the U.S. Air Force and continuing in civilian life.

Jaime founded 420Rx Cruz Cannabis Cooking during her quest to find a simple method to medicate in microdose strength. Her search yielded few options, so she began developing and reworking recipes in her own kitchen. 

Thorough research into the science of confectionaries and cannabis, coupled with hundreds of hours of trial and error in the kitchen, yielded dozens of recipes with which she could accurately dose her medicine using delicious confectionaries.

Having recently sold a successful DJ business, Jaime turned her focus to producing videos documenting her kitchen adventures. After posting a few videos online, patients began reaching out to Jaime for advice and content. Since then, Jaime has produced over 50 instructional videos of unique, cannabis-infused confectionaries that patients can create in their own homes. These short, precise videos have been viewed over half a million times.

Jaime has facilitated live classes throughout Florida, instructing patients as they create their own cannabis-infused gummies. She is frequently contacted and interviewed by local media outlets for cannabis-related stories. Her content has been referenced often, with permissions, as far as La Sexta Television from Spain. 

Jaime has also travelled to Tallahassee to address the state legislature about the benefits of medicinal cannabis. Her current personal mission is to “break the stigma” of cannbis use.

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