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CosmicStreamz here with Kris known book writter, actor, and CosmicStreamz commercialist.

CosmicStreamz: Kris! What's up future star? Feeling good?

Kris: I'm doing pretty good.

CosmicStreamz: Just camefrom Atlanta? I know that whole experience was nice. How was it down there in ATL? And what's going on with you?

Kris: It was nice. It's kind of hot but it was good. Yeah. I was in Atlanta for a movie playing a high school student. 

CosmicStreamz: A movie? 

Kris: Yes, the movie is called my Best Friend's Exorcism. I'm 37 years old. Well I'll be 37 July 25th. I played a 15 year old high school student. 

CosmicStreamz: Wow,how did you end with that gig? 

Kris: I did a project casting for the high school role in Spider-Man, but they wanted me for that role. What happened was... they had got booked up with high school students. They said they would keep me on file for other considerations, Shazam too. 

CosmicStreamz: Nice, so the movie gig that you did down Atlanta, is that going to be streaming? Is that going to be in the movie theater? Or what's going on with that?

Kris: Yes, it's going to be in the movie theaters next year, fall... like October. 

CosmicStreamz: Congratulations. Also your book, you just dropped a book. I seen it on Target. Thanks for signing mine. Tell the viewers about it. 

Kris: Well, the book is called Lifeline. Your life matters, defeating depression, and suicide among teens and young adults. That book is basically a story. Basically stories about myself. Things I went through as a young child, all the way up to my teen years with different things. I battled with depression. I went through really tough situations that just happened, and I had to like, battle. .


Made hard decisions on staying alive. Basically, I share that story of hope, inspiration, and following my dreams. I put God first. I realize there is hope. I don't have to give up.

CosmicStreamz: True. Do you feel that teens have a problem with depression? 

Kris: Yes, teens definitely have a problem with depression and its really bad now because of social media, different social pressures, unbelievable. You know, I grew up in the 90s. When you got bullied it stopped at the bus. With social media they can't escape it.

CosmicStreamz:. Is there anything else you want to tell viewers? 

Kris: Yeah, definitely. Believe in yourself. Putting God first really helped me get the enthusiasm to do what I really wanted to do. I stayed hopeful. I stayed prayerful, first and foremost. Keep trying and keep going, don't give up, don't be discouraged. Definitely

CosmicStreamz: For sure. 

Kris: I had been modeling for 10 years, on and off with different projects. I've been to France, London, Hawaii, Las Vegas. It's been an adventure and acting is very new for me, so I'm hoping to see where that goes. 

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