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CosmicStreamz: All right, let's go Kimberly Hope.
Kimberly Hope: Thank you for having me.
CosmicStreamz: Makeup Artist first front page on CosmicStreamz. So tell me, what is it that you do?
Kimberly Hope: I am a makeup artist for 20-plus years. I specialize in Bridal, fashion editorials, and beauty.
CosmicStreamz: Nice. So, how did you end up getting into the field of makeup artistry?
Kimberly Hope: Ever since I can remember. I love the art of makeup. So for me, it was just like... a passion that was already instilled inside of me. I love the art of transforming something. That's your craft as an artist. 
CosmicStreamz: How long have you been into your craft?
Kim Hope: I've been practicing my art since high school. I started to practice my artistry working with theater, and when I went on to college. I then started working with a modeling agency to do makeup. I've traveled from New York doing Fashion Week, to Atlanta, California, Chicago, and now I'm here in Virginia.
CosmicStreamz: What do you feel that most artists have in common?
Kim Hope: When you talk about an artist, an artist is different from somebody who has a hobby. I love and have a passion for my art form (makeup). When an artist has a passion for something itis like a fire that will never die. So I look at the difference between the artists, whether it's makeup artistry, music, or painting whatever your median is, it's simply the passion that drives you and inspires you. No matter what you do the flame will never die.
CosmicStreamz: Any influences? Anybody that you would say influence your work?
Kimberly Hope: Growing up as an African-American female it was hard to find a makeup artist that looked the way we looked, and new how to compliment skin tones. I would have to say the person that I really fell in love with when I was a young girl with Sam Fine. It was my first time ever seeing a girl of my color or even darker on the cover.
CosmicStreamz: What were some of your career highlight?
Kimberly Hope: It was me connecting with a designer named Justin Haynes from Massachuetts. We were able to produced 10 publications. Three international magazine covers, and the rest nationwide all within 7 months. One of my bucket list goals of a makeup artist was to be able to be on the international cover of a magazine. So that was the accomplishment for me. 
CosmicStreamz: Where do you find your inspiration? 

Kimberly Hope: Wow, life ...truth. Truth is art. I believe that you find so much truth in art whether it is  walking outside looking at the trees and/or the sky. I also find my inspiration through the artist that I connect with. Justin For example, he's an editorial fashion designer. I look at his patterns, his colors, and I try to incorporate that within my artwork.
CosmicStreamz: I know a lot of musicians and musical artists that get writer's block. Do makeup artist have blocks when it comes to creativity?
Kimberly Hope: Yes! An artist is an artist in any form. No matter if it makeup or music, etc ....we always get blocks. I look at my blocks as a time to sit still and meditate, and listen to what my higher beingwants me to do in my makeup ministry.

CosmicStreamz:  Anything else that you want to add to this interview that you want the people to know about yourself?
Kimberly Hope: I'm just I'm laid-back. I just love art. I'm an artist and like Erykah Badu says "I'm sensitive about shhhh" lol. With everything you do understand and have compassion. For all aspiring artists educate yourself within you craft. Sometimes it can be up. Sometimes it can be down. At the end of the day if that's what you love, if you know that's you're calling ...go for it and trust the process.
CosmicStreamz: Last question... where do you see yourself in the near future?
Kimberly Hope: Oh, wow! Yes. That's a great question. I'm very proud of where I have been and what I have been through. I'm just striving to do the best that I can. I would love to have a makeup line for us by us like FUBU lol. 

I'm a teacher as well. I've always been big on mentoring and building up our community. That's what we gotta do. So that's where I see myself in five years with the building doing that and that's coming soon. 

Thank you for interviewing me again CosmicStreamz.
CosmicStreamz: Thank you for being on the platform. Definitely. It's been an enjoyable interview and looking to interviewing you again, most definitely and seeing your future. Thank you.

Kimberly Hope: Truth is art. Be looking soon for my website. To contact me please follow me on all social media platform.

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congradulations queen
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Thank you so much King for your support!!

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Vikki 2 years ago
Good interveiw. It seems you have the focus to continue to do great things.
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Thank you Vikki. I appreciate your kind words!!

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