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CosmicStreamz:Whatup Greg G? Musician, song writer, artist/ performer. I see you in the city, building a mean following. Wellconnected, feet to the pave. In did this musical journey start for you?

Greg G: Started out in music at5 years old in a childhood group called 4 of a kind

CosmicStreamz: Word, that's what's up. Glad we established you been doing this since way back. What genre was your interest back then? What sounds were you more accustomed to from way back?

Greg G: Soul music, but I started out singing gospel spiritual music.

CosmicStreamz: Those hyms was definitely a part of most our up bringing. You got a show coming up Aug 23 with Lyfe Jennings, that's major. Any new material you letting the people hear at the show without saying exact song/s?

Greg G: Yes, I have a lot of new material. I’m actually preparing to release a new album around November, so some of the songs I perform will be off the new album very excited about that.

CosmicStreamz: Your top five songs in your collection you want people to home in on, old as well as more recent?

Greg G: 1.Child Support 2.Let it be you 3.I’m Ready 4.My Solution 5.Oh my Lord...Many more

CosmicStreamz: If anybody wanted to go about booking you for a show how would they go about that? Also, where can viewers purchase your music?
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