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DAWN MARIE DILLON Painter, Entrepreneur, Herbalist and Health and WellnessAdvocate Dawn Marie Dillon is a visual artist, painter, entrepreneur, herbalist and health and wellness advocate. Born and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn she developed a deep and keen appreciation for the rich cultures of the diverse communities within NYC respective boroughs. She credits her late grandfather for introducing her to the world of art, by first working on his coloring books together. Her keen love for nature and attention to detail was manifested while spending weekends and holidays in the hills of the Poconos, PA as a child well into her adult years, and is reflected in the vibrancy of the paintings from within her “Channelling Thru Spirit Collection”. Her work has been donated to several charities as well as organizations such as the Kirkridge Retreat and Study Center, located in Bangor, PA. In the spring of 2021 Lackawana College, Scranton PA selected four (4) of Dawn Marie’s acrylic and oil medium based original paintings for their ‘Art Survey Course’. Two (2) of the paintings were chosen: “Alignment” a portrait of an indeginous Middle Eastern woman realigning herself in nature and “2020 Reality” a self conscious reflection during the Covid 19 pandemic, depicted as two blue doors weathered by the elements and secured with a rusted chain and padlock. Students were asked to view, discuss and write a paper on their personal perspectives of these paintings. The Art Factory of White Mills PA, currently exhibits several pieces of the Channelling Thru Spirit Collection. Dawn Marie also teaches watercolor and graphite art classes one Sunday per month at the Art Factory Location. Her work has also been featured as a part of live music performances, where she creates colorful installations in real time. The self-taught painter is also an entrepreneur who applies her experience as a herbalist into ‘‘Breathless Raw Live Juice Bar and Cafe”, their family owned vegan and natural health food market and organic live juice bar cafe located in Milford PA.
She has spearheaded the business for 11 years, providing knowledge and services in:
● Natural Health Alternatives. ● Aromatherapy. ● Weight Loss and Management. ● Waste Elimination. ● Coaching and Consultations. ● Herbs. ● Teas ● Vegan and Gluten Free Products. ● Raw Live Foods.
Dawn Marie has embarked on a new journey to further improve the health and the quality of life for others, and anyone that is interested in being at their physical best. After testing and using the products for one year, she now works closely with the Total Life Changes Brand (TLC) to help others towards achieving and maintaining optimum health and wellness. The ever passionate mom and avivid tea connoisseur spends her quiet time enjoying gardening, baking (she’s also a pastry chef) visiting farmer’s markets, artisan shops and wandering in nature.
For more info, please use the following links: IG: @channellingthruspirit, @bbrawlivejuicebar FB: channellingthruspirit Email: :
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AMAZING Artist, Wellness Expert & Positive Soul ?
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