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CosmicStreamz: We have here today Marisa Beattie. She is an independent personal chef/meal prep. Who has a great delivery service. Hello Marisa, how are you doing? 

Marisa: Great. Great.How are you? 

CosmicStreamz: I'm doing good. I'm meeting interesting people, and network with great talents. Cant complain at all. I see you are a entrepreneur, talk to us. What do you do?

Marisa: We create custom weekly menus for our clients. We go based off of their dietary needs, or what they are trying to accomplish with their lifestyle goals. We tailor the menus. We also cater events, receptions, birthday parties etc. Also, create/ help you to create the menu and set up for parties. 

CosmicStreamz: Dope. What's the story behind it all?

Marisa: One of my favorite memories was baking cookies with my grandma. So I had this passion to want to bake. I thought I wanted a bakery. I went in the Marine Corps, and I specifically wanted to be a cook. When I got out I worked at a mom-and-pop restaurant. I started doing cooking order in the Marine Corps. I was doing catering essentially, because they're feeding mass amounts of Marines. 

CosmicStreamz: Way to capitalize. Any particular dishes you specialize in? 

Marisa: I would have to say "Savory Ladle" , because it's a soup. So I would say that's my go.

CosmicStreamz: What's on the menu today?

Marisa: Ground beef on tomato sauce with shell noodles, homemade cheese sauce, and then that came with roasted green beans. There's minestrone soup made from scratch, with a ham sandwich. It comes with French baguette, white goat cheese, spicy jam, arugula, black forest ham, and the sandwich. There's egg rolls in a bowl which is ground turkey, cabbage, carrots, red bell pepper in a soy sauce blend. I also made a cajun chicken pasta & meatloaf with succotash.

CosmicStreamz: Exclusive...sounds pretty good! 

Marisa: It is! (smiling) I don't want to have just one set menu all the time. It get's redundant. If you're going to do that, go to a restaurant lol. So I try to prepare meals that I feel cater to clients that are fun. 

CosmicStreamz: Any inspirational things that inspire you to cook differently? 

CosmicStreamz: I would say the techniques that are being use. Cooking techniques are different, versatility.

CosmicStreamz: Advice from a chef for up and coming chefs or meal preps?

Marisa: Don't be afraid to mess up, because it's going to happen. Keep your goals in mind, and people are going to love your food. 

CosmicStreamz: Cooking from the heart, we call it soul food?

Marisa: Yeah! ( smiling) Yes, I firmly believe in that. Yes. That's very very important. I think that's very important for a person to cook from the heart.

CosmicStreamz: Is there anything else that you want viewers to know? 

Marisa: To check out the website check out the website. Would greatly appreciate if the viewers on CosmicStreamz check it out & thank you...

CosmicStreamz: Ladies and Gentlemen, MIRSA BEATTIE

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Marisab 1 year ago
Awesome interview! Thank you for having me on your platform and I appreciate the encouragement!
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Thanks for the support
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Love appreciate u
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